Caitlin Upton Full Sex Tape

Caitlin Upton Full Sex Tape

Caitlin Upton

After winning the 2007 Miss South Carolina Teen USA title, Upton was a finalist in the Miss Teen USA pageant. She also appeared in Cosmo Girl and Seventeen magazines and competed on the sixteenth season of The Amazing Race. She rose to fame at the age of eighteen, becoming the star of a viral YouTube video featuring her rambling, nonsensical answer to a question posed by beauty pageant judges. She appeared on episodes of Comedy Central, TLC, and MTV series. After graduating from Lexington High School in South Carolina, she attended Appalachian State University in North Carolina. She later relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue modeling opportunities. She was featured in Rivers Cuomo's and Weezer's 2008 "Pork and Beans" music video.
Age: 26 years old
Birthday: March 27, 1989
Born: South Carolina
Birth Sign: Aries

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