Lee Newton Full Sex Tape

Lee Newton Full Sex Tape

Lee Newton

Improv comedienne who co-hosted the YouTube news channel SourceFed. She joined the cast of MyMusic for its second season in 2013. She was one of the original five full-time hosts that SourceFed launched with, and she got the part like she would have for any other gig: she auditioned. In early 2012 her co-hosts secretly suggested to viewers to nominate her for the annual Maxim Hot 100 list, and the resulting flood of write-in votes on the Maxim website forced the magazine to enter her into the list and create a profile. She was born in Yosemite Village, California. Blaire Fowler, though a little younger, also became a popular YouTube star, with her own brand of zany but instructional videos.
Age: 29 years old
Birthday: April 13, 1985
Born: California
Birth Sign: Aries

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