Adamari Lopez Full Sex Tape

Adamari Lopez Full Sex Tape
Adamari Lopez Full Sex Tape

Adamari López afirma LLORANDO que Luis Fonsi tiene “Mente Corta”

Adamari Lopez

TV Actress
Starred in a variety of Mexican soap operas and became host of the morning show Un Nuevo Día. She began her acting career when she was six, earning a role in Telemundo Canal 2's Cristina Bazan soap opera. She won the 2011 televised dance competition Mira Quien Baila. Her father, Luis, worked as an undertaker. She was married to Luis Fonsi from 2006 to 2010. She acted alongside Johanna Rosaly in Cristina Bazan.
Age: 43 years old
Birthday: May 18, 1971
Born: Puerto Rico
Birth Sign: Taurus

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