Alexis Neiers Full Sex Tape

Alexis Neiers Full Sex Tape
Alexis Neiers Full Sex Tape

Aryeh Neier: What Guatemala's Genocide Conviction Means

Alexis Neiers

Reality Star
Reality star who appeared on the E! series Pretty Wild shortly after it was determined that she was a member of the notorious Bling Ring. She was cast in her own reality show when she was just eighteen years old. The show was created to showcase her modeling career with adopted sister, Tess. After the pilot aired, she was arrested for her participation in a string of celebrity robberies. She was accused of participating in a massive string of burglaries around the L.A. area, which alleged that she helped steal priceless heirlooms from the homes of Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton, and Rachel Bilson. She allegedly turned her life around after marrying her husband, Evan Haines, who she had one daughter with named Harper. Emma Watson brought her to life in Sophia Coppola's film adaptation of the events in 2013's The Bling Ring.
Age: 23 years old
Birthday: June 20, 1991
Born: California
Birth Sign: Gemini

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