Angelababy Full Sex Tape

Angelababy Full Sex Tape


Born Yang Ying (English translation: Angela Yeung) and better known by her stage name of AngelaBaby, this Hong-Kong based model became the face of the Hotel Shilla duty-free shops. Also an actress, she appeared in a web series called Tweet Love Story and in such Chinese and Hong Kong films as Love You You and Hot Summer Days. At the age of fourteen, she joined the client roster of Style International Management. Several years later, she starred in a romantic film titled Short of Love. A singer as well as an actress and model, she recorded several singles, including "Tripod Beauty" and "Everyday's a Beautiful Story." Born in Shanghai, China, as the daughter of a clothing store owner, she later settled in Hong Kong. In 2010, she began dating fellow Chinese actor and model Huang Xiaoming.
Age: 26 years old
Birthday: February 28, 1989
Born: China
Birth Sign: Pisces

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