Ani Lorak Full Sex Tape

Ani Lorak Full Sex Tape

Ani Lorak - "A dalshe"

Ani Lorak

Pop Singer
Ukrainian pop singer and former United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. She was once named one of Eastern Europe's most beautiful women. Her song "My God" was used in the movie The Right to Choose. She released her second album, I Will Be Back, in 1998. She was named the fifth-richest singer in the Ukraine in 2011, collecting revenues of $2.35 million a year and charging between $25,000 and $40,000 for each concert. She married her manager, Murat Nalçacıoğlu, in August of 2009. Their daughter, Sophia Nalçacıoğlu, was born in 2011. Her stage name, Ani Lorak, was really her birth name, Karolina, spelled backwards. She was the runner-up to Dima Bilan at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.
Age: 36 years old
Birthday: September 27, 1978
Born: Russia
Birth Sign: Libra

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