Belen Rueda Full Sex Tape

Belen Rueda Full Sex Tape
Belen Rueda Full Sex Tape
Belen Rueda Full Sex Tape
Belen Rueda Full Sex Tape

Belen Rueda

Movie Actress
Known for her Goya Award-winning role in the 2004 film The Sea Inside and for her Goya-nominated performance as Laura in the horror movie The Orphanage, this popular Spanish screen actress also starred as Lucia Gomez in the television series Los Serrano. Before beginning her acting career, she worked in modeling and sales and briefly studied architecture. Her role in Los Serrano (The Serranos) earned her TP de Oro, Fotogramas de Plata, and Spanish Actors Union award nominations. After her first, brief marriage ended in 1987, she was married for one year to Daniel Ecija. She gave birth to three children, one of whom passed away at a young age. She starred in the Guillermo Del Toro-produced horror film Los Ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes).
Age: 50 years old
Birthday: March 16, 1965
Born: Spain
Birth Sign: Pisces

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