Cher Lloyd Full Sex Tape

Cher Lloyd Full Sex Tape
Cher Lloyd Full Sex Tape
Cher Lloyd Full Sex Tape

Cher Lloyd

Pop Singer
English singer who gained international fame after competing in season seven of The X Factor and releasing her debut album, Sticks + Stones. Her second album Sorry I'm Late was released in May 2014 and featured such hit singles as "I Wish" and "Sirens." She unsuccessfully tried out for The X Factor twice before being accepted to the show. Her first song "Swagger Jagger" reached #1 on the UK singles chart in 2011. When she was just four months old, she went on the road with her parents, Diane and Darren, living in a caravan. She married Craig Monk in 2014. After The X Factor, she signed a record deal with Simon Cowell.
Age: 21 years old
Birthday: July 28, 1993
Born: England
Birth Sign: Leo

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