Elena Udrea Full Sex Tape

Elena Udrea Full Sex Tape
Elena Udrea Full Sex Tape

Elena Udrea

Leader of the Romanian People's Movement Party and member, beginning in 2008, of the Romanian Parliament's Chamber of Deputies. Under the administration of Prime Minister Emil Boc, she also served as Romanian Minister of Tourism. After graduating in 1996 from the Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, she earned a graduate degree in military science from the Carol I National Defence University. She briefly served as Romanian Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Her marriage to Dorin Cocos lasted from 2003 until 2013. When Romanian President Traian Basescu broke with the Democratic Liberal Party, Udrea followed suit, becoming a leader in the newly-organized People's Movement Party.
Age: 41 years old
Birthday: December 26, 1973
Born: Romania
Birth Sign: Capricorn

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