Felicitas Woll Full Sex Tape

Felicitas Woll Full Sex Tape
Felicitas Woll Full Sex Tape

Rebelde Way, Felicitas y Francisco

Felicitas Woll

TV Actress
German actress who played a role in the ARD-Series Berlin, Berlin, which won the 2002 Deutschen Fernsehpreis Award. She took an apprenticeship as a nurse before she made her acting debut in the television series, Die Camper in 1998. She won several awards for her role in Berlin, Berlin including a 2003 Adolf-Grimme-Preis and a 2004 Rose d'Or. She grew up with her family in Harbshausen and had a daughter named Taisha in 2006. She is a German actress like German actor Dominic Monaghan.
Age: 35 years old
Birthday: January 20, 1980
Born: Germany
Birth Sign: Aquarius

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