Freya Tingley Full Sex Tape

Freya Tingley Full Sex Tape
Freya Tingley Full Sex Tape
Freya Tingley Full Sex Tape

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Freya Tingley

Movie Actress
Australian stage and screen actress known for her appearances in such short films as Light as a Feather and Bootleg. She also played the role of Wendy in the ABC fairy tale series Once Upon a Time. She made her professional acting debut in a 2008 Australian stage production of Far Away, a drama by playwright Caryl Churchill. She learned sign language in order to play a deaf character in a short film entitled Beneath the Waves. She grew up in Australia, where at the age of sixteen, she was discovered by a Hollywood talent scout. She played the role of Christina Wendell in the Eli Roth-directed Netflix series Hemlock Grove.
Age: 21 years old
Birthday: March 26, 1994
Born: Australia
Birth Sign: Aries

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