Iran Castillo Full Sex Tape

Iran Castillo Full Sex Tape
Iran Castillo Full Sex Tape

Iran Castillo

Soap Opera Actress
Mexican actress known for her roles in such telenovelas as Clase 406 and Soñadoras and in such films as Cabeza de Buda and La Segunda Noche. Also a singer, she recorded the popular 1997 song "Yo Por El." She began acting in commercials when she was just seven years old. Before her thirteenth birthday, she had already appeared in her first telenovela, Ángeles Blancos. In the early 1990s, she was a vocalist with a band called Mosquitas Muertas. She later released several solo albums, including Tiempos Nuevos and Tatuada en Tus Besos. In 2011, she welcomed her first child, Irka Castillo. She shared the stage with Silvia Pinal in a 1999 production of the musical Gypsy.
Age: 38 years old
Birthday: January 4, 1977
Born: Mexico
Birth Sign: Capricorn

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