Jhene Aiko Full Sex Tape

Jhene Aiko Full Sex Tape

Jhené Aiko

R&B Singer
Known by the stage name Jhené, she rose to fame as a singer with the American R&B group B2K and released hit songs such as "The Worst" and "Sail Out." When she was starting her career, she was perceived as Lil' Fizz's cousin, although they were not related. She sang as a guest vocalist on the Pandemonium! song "Tease." Her parents are Dr. Karamo Chilombo and Christina Yamamoto. Her songs appeared on the soundtrack for the 2002 movie The Master of Disguise, which starred Dana Carvey.
Age: 27 years old
Birthday: March 16, 1988
Born: California
Birth Sign: Pisces

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