Lilia Stepanova Full Sex Tape

Lilia Stepanova Full Sex Tape
Lilia Stepanova Full Sex Tape

EC2017 Alexandra STEPANOVA ⁄ Ivan BUKIN FD

Lilia Stepanova

Famed contortionist known for her NBA halftime performances. She also appeared on such television programs as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Steve Harvey's Big Time, and Best Damn Sports Show Period. She was only five years old when she first started training to be a contortionist. She learned how to use her feet to shoot an arrow, a skill that she demonstrated on America's Got Talent. Born in The Republic of Moldova to a family of contortionists, she later settled in Las Vegas, Nevada. She and Bianca Ryan both appeared on the first season of America's Got Talent.
Age: 27 years old
Birthday: July 29, 1987
Born: Moldova
Birth Sign: Leo

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