Magaly Solier Full Sex Tape

Magaly Solier Full Sex Tape
Magaly Solier Full Sex Tape

Magaly Solier, Pamela Rodriguez y Roxana cantando por La Chalina de la Esperaza

Magaly Solier

Movie Actress
Peruvian actress and singer who was best known for her 2005 debut in MadeinUSA. She grew up in Ayacucho, a region that erupted with violence and terrorism while she was growing up. She released an album, Warmi, in 2009. She married professional cyclist Erik Gomez in 2012. She was an actress who has attempted a music career, much like Hilary Duff.
Age: 28 years old
Birthday: June 11, 1986
Born: Peru
Birth Sign: Gemini

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