Maggie Cheung Full Sex Tape

Maggie Cheung Full Sex Tape
Maggie Cheung Full Sex Tape
Maggie Cheung Full Sex Tape


Maggie Cheung

Movie Actress
Award-winning screen actress whose more than 70 film credits include roles in Song of Exile (1990) and Center Stage (1992). She has won multiple Hong Kong Film Awards, a Cannes Film Festival Award, and several others. She grew up in both Hong Kong and England and was a runner-up in the 1983 Miss Hong Kong and Miss World pageants. She was the first Asian actress to receive an honor at the Cannes Film Festival, winning a 2004 Best Actress Award for her starring role in Clean. She was married to Olivier Assayas, a French film director, from 1998-2001. She idolized actress Brigitte Lin and ended up acting with Lin in six films.
Age: 50 years old
Birthday: September 20, 1964
Born: Hong Kong
Birth Sign: Virgo

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