Maria Kirilenko Full Sex Tape

Maria Kirilenko Full Sex Tape
Maria Kirilenko Full Sex Tape

Laura Robson vs Maria Kirilenko 2013 Wimbledon Highlights

Maria Kirilenko

Female Tennis Player
Right-handed singles and doubles professional tennis player who won the 2012 Olympics bronze medal. She trained in a three-year program by Honored Master of sports Elena Brioukhovets. In the program, she rose to No. 1 in the group and No. 2 in the U-18 group. She won the 2002 U.S. Open junior tournament and qualified for the Grand Slam singles quarterfinals at the 2010 Australian Open and 2012's Wimbledon. She was born in Moscow to Ukrainian parents, dated Russian pro Igor Andreev and became engaged to Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin in December 2012. She and fellow Russian Maria Sharapova were once teammates became engaged in an intense on-court rivalry.
Age: 28 years old
Birthday: January 25, 1987
Born: Russia
Birth Sign: Aquarius

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