Sheryl Crow Full Sex Tape

Sheryl Crow Full Sex Tape
Sheryl Crow Full Sex Tape
Sheryl Crow Full Sex Tape
Sheryl Crow Full Sex Tape

All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow et Gérald De Palmas

Sheryl Crow

Pop Singer
Pop and country singer-songwriter who has been nominated for over thirty Grammy Awards for hits such as "All I Wanna Do," and has sold over 50 million albums. She performed with a band called Cashmere while she attended the University of Missouri. She also worked as a music teacher for elementary school students. She has performed with the Rolling Stones and sang backup vocals for Michael Jackson during his 1987 tour. She has dated many artists, like Owen Wilson. She adopted two sons, Wyatt Steven and Levi James. Her 2008 album, Detours, was inspired by her breakup with Lance Armstrong and her battle with breast cancer.
Age: 53 years old
Birthday: February 11, 1962
Born: Missouri
Birth Sign: Aquarius

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